Our Contributors

We would like to take the time to honor these special people who have helped STARS. We are grateful to all those who give their time, talent and monetary gifts. We recognize and thank all our contributors.

If you have made contributions to STARS and are not listed on this page please feel free to send a message at the bottom of the page so corrections can be made.

Thank You to Our Partners

Greater Toledo Community Foundation's COVID-19 Response Fund Awards Grant To STARS

The Board of Trustees of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation has approved a grant from the COVID-19 Response Fund to STARS in the amount of $5,000. These funds will be used to help fund the Grab and Go Event. S.T.A.R.S has truly been honored with this gift, words cannot describe how excited we are about this contribution.

Shared Hope International - We are deeply grateful to you for all your generous contributions – all of which allows us to serve the most vulnerable every day.

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Honoring our 2020 Contributors

COVID-19 Grab and Go Event
A great time of need in our community.

A group picture of S.T.A.R.S sponsors and contributors, these awesome people have been with us since day one. From right to left Claire Hylant and Richard Hylant (Hylant Group), Wendy Pestrue (Head of United Way), Elesondra Deromona behind Wendy (head of S.T.A.R.S), Sandra Hylant (Vice-President of Midland Title and Escrow, Ltd), and Jennifer Archer (United Way). S.T.A.R.S would like to say thank you, for your contributions and efforts which have made a significant difference with our cause to fight human trafficking.

Paula Brown preparing desserts at home for the Grab and go event

Thank you Paula Brown

Paula Brown former owner of the Paula Brown Antique Shop located on 10th and Monroe is now retired. She has been involved (former board president of our first oganization - Wake up Youth) with Human Trafficking since 2006 and has since been supportive with all of our efforts.

Sandra Hylant preparing desserts at home for the Grab and go event.

In the first five weeks over 3,265 meals were distributed with the Grab and Go event. Sandra Hylant put together a group of women who helped pay for lasagnas for one night’s dinner, and they all baked desserts. They are also gathering together again to donate another dinner. This awesome list of ladies include:

  • Jeannie Hylant
  • Tina Hylant
  • Rachel Tracy Lake
  • Emily Yark Reny
  • Susie Poll
  • Stephanie Harrison
  • Allison Hylant
  • Clare Hylant
  • Andrea Hylant
  • Paula Brown

  • Unity United Methodist Church - A special thank you Pastor Jim Nevell and all the members for your contributions.
  • St. Pauls Church - A special thank you for the food, desserts and your continuous support in our effort during this pandemic.